How to override iwjob template via child-theme

How to override iwjob template via child-theme

Sometimes you need to make a custom change template for the iwjob plugin to override the default style, or you want to add some advanced features to the default plugin. You can do that via a child theme.

Step 1: create iwj folder in injob-child, it should get path like this: /themes/injob-child/iwj

Step 2: copy iwjob template file from main plugin to child theme folder then edit on child file. Please remember to keep the file relative path.


If you want to edit add some extra field to register form, you can copy file wp-content\plugins\iwjob\templates\register.php to wp-content\themes\injob-child\iwj\register.php

If you want to edit employer profile form, you can copy file follow this: wp-content\plugins\iwjob\templates\dashboard\profile\employer-form.php to wp-content\themes\injob-child\iwj\dashboard\profile\employer-form.php

Follow this way for other files.

Note: Please just copy the file you want to make custom on it. Do not copy all files from plugin to child theme because this can make your site not get a new update from the new version. 




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