3.2 - Parallax Slider Options

3.2 – Parallax Slider Options

Options for a parallax slider

Field nameDescriptionDefault value
Slider NameTitle of sliderEmpty
Alias nameAlias of slider (If you do not enter any text, default alias name is title of slider)Empty
Slider widthWidth size of slider.
– Auto: default size.
– Fixed width: users set the width
– Full width: size of device screen
Slider HeightHeight size of slider.300
Background typeBackground types:
– Image: Background is image
– Video: Background is Video
Parallax background typeParallax types:
Dynamic parallax: Users can open to see content of parallax.
Static: Parallax has no content.
Dynamic parallax
Background content colorSet color for parallax full view contentNone
Enable parallax effectTurn on/off parallax effect of sliderYes
Hide slider under width.Setting to hide slider when windows with less than this setting valueEmpty (not hide)
Background imageSelect background image for sliders (for background type is image)Not set
Parallax open EffectEffect apply for open full viewFancy Effect
Background imageSelect background image for sliders (for background type is image)Not Set
Textured or color(Cover color of background)Not Set
OpacityFidelity of cover color on background50%
Background videoSelect video background for sliders (for background type is video)Not Set
Mute videoTurn on/off sound of videoYes
Content widthSize of background contentEmpty
Text contentContent is displayed on parallax
Content appareEffect is run when content is
Fade from left
Content disappareEffect is run when content is hidedFade from left
Custom codeCSS is used for effect of content (Users can customize this CSS)Default CSS for “Content appare” and “Content disappare”
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