3.5 - Woo Commerce Setting

3.5 – Woo Commerce Setting

Options for Woo commerce products

Woo commerce setting: Options to upload product list

Field NameDescriptionDefault value
Widget TitleTitle of block is displayed on product listEmpty
Product categoriesCategories which contains products are displayedNot set
Product IDsID list of products is displayed. IDs are separated by comma (,)Empty
Exclude Products IDsID list of products is eliminated from displayed list. IDs are separated by comma (,)Empty
Product typesProduct types: None, Normal product, Featured product, Sale productNone
Order byOrder product list as selected database fieldOrdering
Order wayWay to order product listDESC
LimitLimited number of displayed products20

Layout setting: Options for displayed product list.

Field nameDescriptionDefault value
Layout templatesProvide various layouts to display product list. (You can create more layouts easily)Layout First
Item widthWidth size of a product250
HeightHeight size of a product300
Number of rowThe number of rows which display products.2
SpacingSpace between 2 products15
Show imageTurn on/off display mode of productsYes
Show titleTurn on/off display mode of product titleYes
Show product InformationTurn on/off display mode of other information of products (date, comment…)Yes
Show Product DescriptionTurn on/off display mode of product descriptionYes
Number of wordNumber of words of product description are displayed15
Show Add to cartTurn on/off button “Add to cart”Yes
Show Add to wishlistTurn on/off button “Add to wishlist”Yes

Effect setting: Options for effect of content.

Field nameDescriptionDefault value
Content appareEffect is run when product list is displayed.Fade from Left
Content disappareEffect is run when product list is hided.Fade from Left
Custom content effect setting codeCSS for effect of product list (You can customize this CSS)Default CSS as “Content appare” and “Content disappare”
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