3.4 - Image Gallery Setting

3.4 – Image Gallery Setting

Image Source: Source of image. There are four sources to upload images for parallax content.
Image Gallery: List of uploaded images or available images of parallax.
Layout setting: Options to display content of parallax.

Field NameDescriptionDefault value
Auto resize galleryYes
Thumbnail widthWidth of thumbnail image200
HeightHeight of thumbnail image200
Number of rowNumber of rows of image list2
SpacingSpace between 2 images5
Thumbnail processProcess to thumbnail image before saving imageNone

Effect setting: Options for effect of content.

Field NameDescriptionDefault value
Content appareEffect is run when image list is displayed.Fade from Left
Content disappareEffect is run when image list is hided.Fade from Left
Scroll directionMovement direction of image list after loading.Right to Left
Custom content effect setting
CSS is used for effect of image list (Users can customize this CSS)Default CSS for “Content appare” and “Content disappare”
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