4.5 Settings > Display Settings

4.5 Settings > Display Settings

4.5.1/ General Settings & Images Settings

  1. Items Per Page on Dashboard: Insert number items on a page
  2. Agent thumbnail size: Insert number size thumbnail agent
  3. Property thumbnail size: Insert the size of Property thumbnail
  4. Gallery thumbnail size: Insert number size of gallery thumbnail
  5. Add image sizes: Set the image size you want to use in shortcodes

4.5.2/ Properties Settings



  1. Who can see properties: Select user can see properties on the archive page
  2. Default Properties Sorting: Select Properties Sorting
  3. Default Layout: Select Default Layout
  4. Columns for grid layout: Select Columns for grid layout
  5. Description length: Insert property description length for grid layout
  6. Properties Per Page: Insert number items on a page
  7. Properties Sidebar: Sidebar on property archive page
  8. Show Favorite Button: Show Favorite Button in property item
  9. Show Compare Button: Show Compare Button in property item
  10. Default Property Details Layout: Select Property Details Layout
  11. Property Details Sidebar: Select Sidebar
  12. Limit item related property: Insert limit item related
  13. Show Print Button: Show Print Button in property detail page
  14. Enable WalkScore: Enable WalkScore on property detail page
  15. WalkScore API: Insert API
  16. Show Page Views: Show page views on property detail page
  17. Show Tab Street: Yes – No / Show Tab Street on property detail page
  18. Show Nearby Places Supermarkets: Yes – No / Show Nearby Places Supermarkets on property detail page
  19. Show Nearby Places Bus Station: Yes – No / Show Nearby Places Bus Station on property detail page
  20. Show Nearby Places Restaurant: Yes – No / Show Nearby Places Restaurant on property detail page
  21. Show Nearby Places Hospital: Yes – No / Show Nearby Places Hospital on property detail page
  22. Show Nearby Places School: Yes – No / Show Nearby Places School on property detail page
  23. Show Nearby Places Park:  Yes – No / Show Nearby Places Park on property detail page


4.5.3/ Agency Settings

  1. Agency Per Page: Insert number items on a page
  2. Agency Details Sidebar: Select Sidebar
  3. Default Layout: Select Default Layout
  4. Columns of grid: Select Columns for grid layout
  5. Default agency details layout: Select version layout.
  6. Description length: Insert Description length

4.5.4/ Agent Settings


  1. Agent Per Page: Insert number items per page
  2. Agent Details Sidebar: Select Sidebar / Using for candidate details
  3. Agent Sidebar: Select Sidebar / Using for location taxonomy
  4. Default Layout: Select Default Layout
  5. Columns for grid: Select Columns for grid layout
  6. Default Agent Details Layout: Select Agent Details Layout
  7. Description length: Insert Description length

4.5.5/ Map Settings

  1. Google API Key: Insert google api key
  2. Default Latitude: Insert Default latitude
  3. Default longitude: Insert Default longitude
  4. Default zoom: Insert Default zoom
  5. Map Styles: Insert Map Styles
  6. Map marker: Upload Map marker

4.5.6/ How to get WalkScore API


+ Login WalkScore click menu Add to your site


+ Click Walk Score APIs


+ Sign up Score Api


+ Sign up form


4.5.6/ How to get Yelp API

+ Go to Yelp and sign up


+ After sign up you go to link and create app https://www.yelp.com/developers/v3/manage_app


+ Copy API to setting :


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