12. Multiple Languages

12. Multiple Languages

From version 2.7.0, Injob theme will work well with WPML plugin, we have been working hard to add more compatible multiple languages plugins into Injob theme

*Note: Injob demo site is using a $79 package of WPLM.
Here is the link for your preference.

 There are two working mechanisms of WMPL plugin: 

1: If your site does not allow employers to post jobs at the front-end; it means that only admin can submit jobs at the backend, you can use full functions that WPML provides: create the translation of Job post types, create the translation of all job taxonomy

2. If your site allow employers to post jobs at the front-end, we are not supporting in the translation of Job post types,  Job taxonomy; we only provide you the translation of string, package title, taxonomy name.

Following are some introduction of how to use WPML effectively! 

  1. How to setup and update WPML?
  2. How to setup languages?
  3. How to translate custom post type  https://wpml.org/documentation/beginners-guide-to-site-translation/translating-custom-posts/
  4. How to translate taxonomy? https://wpml.org/documentation/beginners-guide-to-site-translation/translating-taxonomy/
  5. How to translate menu? https://wpml.org/documentation/beginners-guide-to-site-translation/translating-menus/
  6. How to translate theme options and plugin options? https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/translating-theme-options/
  7. How to translate widget?
  8. How to translate string?
  9. You can read full documentation of WPML   https://wpml.org/documentation/
  10. How to show language on top bar menu?
    Go to Job Settings -> Multiple Languages ->Show Languages Flags -> Yes
    If you are right, your screen will show this:



For the 2nd working mechanism, in order to translate job package title, job taxonomy name, go to Job setting -> Multiple Languages -> Yes ( object that you need to translate)

Ex: How to translate the name of job type?

Payment by Woo-Commerce system, you can translate product title as below:

Above is all about WPML and how it works in Injob theme!

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