1/ General

  • Show demo setting panel: Check this box to active the setting panel. This panel should be shown only in demo mode;
  • Show page heading: Check this box to show or hide page heading;
  • Hide Visual Composer background image on Mobile: Check to hide the background image.
  • Include WooCommerce libraries globally: Load WooCommerce styles and scripts on all pages
  • Layout: Select boxed or wide layout;
  • Sidebar position: Used for all non-configurable pages. Ex: taxonomy
  • Sidebar name: Select sidebar
  • Sticky sidebar: Yes – No
  • Container width: Bootstrap container width in pixel
  • Gutters width: Bootstrap gutters width in pixel
  • Elements gutters width: Element gutters width in pixel. will be used in shortcodes
  • Background Image: Working Only boxed mode. Choose an image or insert an image URL to use for the background;
  • Background Size: Choose Background size;
  • Background Repeat: Choose how the background image repeats;
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