11. How to setup W3 Total Cache & Auto-optimize Cache?

11.1 How to setup W3 Total Cache?

Step 1: Access admin site, navigate to Plugins =>Add New => Search W3 Total Cache => Install now


Step 2. After the plugin is installed, click to Activate

Step 3. Go to Performance => General Setting

If your server does not support Memcache, you can choose Disk Enhanced as a Cache Method.
Do not enable the Minify ( Auto-optimize Plugin can be used)

Step 4. And now, you go to Performance => Page Cache then you see:

Step 5. Navigate to Performance =>Database Cache

Step 6. Navigate to Performance =>Object Cache

Step 7. Navigate to Performance =>Brower Cache


11.2 How to setup Auto-optimize Cache?

Please do all the same steps as setup W3 Total Cache. After the plugin is activated, go to Settings =>Auto-optimize => Show advanced settings

1. Add tinymce.min.js  file in the “Exclude scripts from Autoptimize” setting

2. This configuration is applied for 2.6.0 version. For the lower version, please contact us at https://inwave.ticksy.com/ to be supported.

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