3.4 Manage Agents

3.4 Manage Agents

Agent is a person who is working for an agency and acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.

3.3.1/ Create new Agent

From Dashboard click to users > add new

Fill all required field. Note the role selects Agent

3.3.2/ Update Agenct Metabox Profile information

  1. Sub Agency Name: Enter the headline
  2. Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number
  3. Office Number: Enter the office number
  4. Fax Number: Enter the fax number
  5. Tax Number: Enter the tax number
  6. License: Enter the License number
  7. Website: Enter your website URL
  8. Language: Enter your language
  9. Cover Image: Upload the agency image background
  10. Profile image (Featured image): Upload the agency image Address & map

  1. Address: Insert the property address. As soon you start typing the address the system will suggest you the full formatted address. We keep this information from Google Map database. Social media


  1. Facebook URL: Enter the Facebook URL
  2. Twitter URL: Enter the Twitter URL
  3. LinkedIn URL: Enter the LinkedIn URL
  4. Google Plus URL Enter the Google Plus URL
  5. Youtube URL Enter the Youtube URL
  6. Instagram URL Enter the Instagram URL
  7. Pinterest URL Enter the Pinterest URL
  8. Vimeo URL Enter the Vimeo URL



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