5. Widgets

5. Widgets

InReality Custom Widgets add content and features to your Sidebars. Examples there are Advanced Search, Featured Proeprties, Login and more.

Note: to manage these features go to Apparence > Widgets and you’ll be able to customize both Sidebars and Widgets


Default Sidebar: For Blog and Post Archives

Sidebar Properties For Propertiy Listing archives pages

Sidebar Property: For Single Property pages

Sidebar Agents : For Agents Listing archives pages

Sidebar Agent: For Single Agent pages

Sidebar Agencies: For Agencies Listing archives pages

Sidebar Agency: For Single Agency pages

Sidebar Product: For Product pages & Product archives


Footer 1: Footer column 1

Footer 2: Footer column 2

Footer 3: Footer column 3

Footer 4: Footer column 4


  1. [IWP] Agency Contact Form: Widget display contact form for Agency.
  2. [IWP] Agent Contact Form: Widget display contact form for agent.
  3. [IWP] Categories Property: Categories Property Widget.
  4. [IWP] Filter Properties: Filter Properties Widget.
  5. [IWP] List Properties: Show List Properties Widget.
  6. [IWP] Mortgage Calculator: Widget display Guide Mortgage Calculator only on Single Property page.
  7. [IWP] Property Author Information: Widget display Author Information.
  8. [IWP] Property Carousel: Widget display Property By Carousel.
  9. [IWP] Property Contact Form: Widget display contact form for property.
  10. [IWP] Property Guide: Widget display Guide Property.
  11. [IWP] Search Agencies: Search Agencies Widget.
  12. [IWP] Search Agents: Search Agents Widget.



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